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Surveying Laboratory

Existing Equipment

& Test Bench


 Tape, Prism Square, poles,level Roads, Digital Leveling, Theodelite, Total Station, Planimeter, Compass, AUTO CAD Civil 3D

Covered Topics

The concepts include, Distance Measuring Equipment/Field Note, Control Points, Dimensions, and Position of Traverse, Use of Levels, Collimation Error, Establish Vertical Control, Use of Angle Measurement Equipment, Establish Horizontal and vertical Control, Topographic Survey, Enter Traverse Data, Report Preparation.

Surveying instruments and equipment on site, record keeping of field notes, Prepare engineering documents and drawings of projects, the design of surveys for set out of building, road design, quantity survey, Construction layout, contour lines, computing area and volume, perform calculation and error adjustment, triangulation and trillateration net work using the theodelite or the total station.


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